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“Toe to toe with Richard Morgan at his best”

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Mike Collins over at the awesomely-named Rescued by Nerds has reviewed BURNING SKIES. Mike starts off by saying that MIRRORED HEAVENS was “easily my favorite book of last year” (!), but he has this to say about the sequel:

So my verdict on BURNING SKIES? I can say without any hesitation that it wipes the floor with MIRRORED HEAVENS. This is Dave on steroids. The action is bigger, the conspiracies are deeper and the stakes are through the roof. . . .

Most of the book takes place on the fantastically conceived Europa Platform where we go from one wild action scene to the next. The pace is absolutely relentless and thrilling all the while. We learn bits of relevant information in the course of all the action. It reads fast, but it’s not lacking in depth. It builds to a conclusion that I certainly didn’t expect. One character makes a reveal that changes everything you’ve thought to that point and Dave ends with the boldest cliffhanger I’ve read in a long, long time. This is like Darth Vader revealing he’s Luke Skywalker’s father big. It’s a stunning conclusion. . . .

After Mirrored Heavens I thought Dave was very much a writer in the vein of Richard Morgan. Bombastic action scenes and a tough edge. After Burning Skies I think Dave is standing toe to toe with Morgan at his best. I can’t pay him a higher compliment than that.

BURNING SKIES is available from Amazon and other fine bookstores!

Spot BURNING SKIES in the stores, win an ARC!

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

So BURNING SKIES is now in stores across America, and it’s only fitting that the Legions out there have a chance to get in on the action.  That’s why I’m running Yet Another Contest; this one is simple.

1. Find a copy of BURNING SKIES in your local bookstore.

2.Photograph it on the shelf.

3. Send the photo to me at (but don’t forget to remove the “Spamsux.”)

4. The first three people to send the photo in will receive what is certain to be a collector’s item in the years to come:  an advance reader copy of BURNING SKIES (distributed by Bantam for publicity purposes earlier this year), featuring more typos than you can shake a stick at, as well as a “director’s cut”.  Yes, something happens in the ARC that DOES NOT HAPPEN in the book I signed off on, and it’s a pretty big difference.  It involves a certain character and his long-lost love-interest, and that’s all I’m gonna say.

So go for it!  Just for yucks, the winners will also get a copy of the mass-market of MIRRORED HEAVENS, with all those cool appendices.

BURNING SKIES is available now from Amazon and other fine booksellers (and maybe even some crappy ones as well).

BURNING SKIES released, along with summer tour schedule!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

And just like that . . .we’re onto round two!! BURNING SKIES is now in bookstores, taking the saga of Autumn Rain to the next level, and I’m in Albany, NY to read tonight at Flights of Fantasy, at 381 Sand Creek Road, 7 p.m. So if you’re in the area. . . come out and witness the first stop on the tour! The end was merely the beginning . . .

UPDATE:  here’s my overall schedule for the summer as of right now .. further updates will be here.

The winners!!

Friday, May 15th, 2009

What a week! I’ve crossed 92K on book three, and meanwhile io9 has featured a kickass trailer for BURNING SKIES–check it out! The book comes out this Tuesday, but there’s still time to pre-order. . .

And now for the moment everybody’s been waiting for. . . the contest . . . .I printed out everybody’s emails, and then Spartacus the Cat picked out the winners before heading off to enjoy some gourmet fish.  So here they are, along with their favorite characters:

Roland Dobbins . . . who digs Jason Marlowe!!

Billy Cripe . . . who can’t resist Claire Haskell!!

Eric Brumbaugh . . .who feels the same way!!

Roland’s email was the first to attract Spartacus’ attention, so he also gets a copy of the ARC (advance reading copy).  Anyway, that’s two votes for Claire, and one vote for Jason.  Amidst all of the entries, though, Jason and Claire pretty much ran neck and neck, with the Operative having to settle for third place.  Meanwhile, my editor’s favorite character, Seb Linehan, only received two votes!  Apparently no one has much of a soft spot for a wise-cracking mass-murderer.  Sigh.

Win a copy of BURNING SKIES!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

We’ve got only a week to go before the release of BURNING SKIES, but there’s no reason to let that stop you from the chance to win a copy of the BOOK ITSELF. I’m giving away two, count ‘em TWO copies, as well as one of those beasts known as an ARC . .an advance reader copy that Bantam circulated among reviewers a while back. The ARC lacks upfront diagrams and is riddled with typos, but it’s still a Historic Document, so you know you want it.  And all you have to do to get it is . . . .


There’s no right answer.  If it’s your fave, it’s your fave.  I don’t even care if you’re lying.  But you might want to delete the “spamsux” in the above.

Okay?  Winners will be announced on FRIDAY.

And if you hate competition, then just pre-order BURNING SKIES now and save yourself the stress!

Star Trek, with spoilers

Monday, May 11th, 2009

From a packed late Sunday showing on a gorgeous spring evening alongside the Potomac River . . . .

What I Liked:

(1) Abrams being ballsy enough to take the franchise in a radically different direction. Of course, if this parallel universe business takes off, then we’re going to get endless permutations of reboots, but that’s a lot better than the same ol’ stuff. This was a bold move, and it looks to be repaid fully in box office glory.

(2) The Evil Starship, complete with Evil Interior Decorations.  Not a cushion in sight  . . .

(3) That giant drill sequence.  That’s the part I’ll watch again and again on the DVD. And I won’t be the only one.

(4) Watching the dude in the red suit get sucked into the drill.  Probably the only coy inside joke I thought they got mileage out of.

(5) Planet becomes singularity, wrecks everybody’s day.  If you ever see this in real life, just run.

Not So Much:
(1) Kirk seemed like he was far more likely to win the Darwin Awards than end up in command of a ship.  The bit where he opened the pod’s hatch and traipsed off into a wilderness he knew nothing about was particularly classic.

(2) I’m not an expert on military law/justice .. but .  . once you’ve beaten up people on a ship’s bridge and been banished from that ship, I don’t think you’re still in the chain of command anymore.

(3) Eric Bana just wasn’t doing it for me as a super villain.  Though he scored some points with that brain-beetle. . .  .

(4) All the women on the Enterprise have skirts that go down to their belly-buttons.  I appreciated this aesthetically, but c’mon.  After a while, the future started to feel like a big frat-party.

(5) The awards ceremony at the end.  Brought back blacked-out flashbacks of the last scene of STAR WARS . . .

All in all:  delivered what it was supposed to, though I find myself unable to hail it as the second coming like everyone on Twitter seems to be doing.  Must be a zeitgeist thing . .

Tune in tomorrow for a chance to win copies of BURNING SKIES!

Jar-Jar: nuke him from orbit

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

I participated in the latest round of SF Signal’s MindMeld: Q: Which SciFi films and/or television shows do the best job in adhering to realistic science? Which ones do the worst? Find out how I manage to come up with an answer that calls for Jar-Jar Binks to be annihilated by space-to-ground weaponry. I’ve also got a friendly exchange in the comments with colleague Mike Brotherton on whether or not OUTLAND can be taken seriously, in spite of the fact that some Hollywood producer got a little too interested in the spacesuits and what ought to happen when you’re not wearing one.

My novel BURNING SKIES can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Spartacus announces the winner(s)!!!

Monday, May 4th, 2009

The challenge: Praise me, Spartacus the Wonderbeast.

The prize: Dave’s miserable prose, translated into Spanishimg_0069

The winner:

O noble beast Spartacus how humbled I am before you. Your able claws prick at my eyes with their gloriousness and glinting sharpness. Your magnificently lustrous coat makes my own dank pelt appear all the more manky. I am enraptured by your agile form as you vigorously hunt with the prowess of ten hundred tom cats. How can I but marvel at your superior feline eugenics! Have you misplaced your balls? Well you should have mine for I am cowed before your sheer cat masculinity. I thank you, great gladiator, for hearing my heartfelt and honest words.

Yes, it looks like the days of me licking my own ass are officially OVER.  Congrats to Sam who composed this amazing panegyric.  Sam, send me your address so Dave can send you your copy of CIELOS REFLAJADOS.   In fact, just for good measure, I’m going to throw in a copy of BURNING SKIES, which will also go to to the runner-up . . . a dynamic duo by the name of Jack and Georgiana, who write:

You will lead the uprising of all cats, overthrow the Pax Humana and lead the new feline world order.
It’s short.  It’s brief.  But it’s so TRUE.  Let the Pax Felinica begin.  And don’t forget to pre-order BURNING SKIES.   I’ll be back at the end of the week to give some more away.  Now I’m off to see if I can Dave to make this fucking fake mouse get off its ass and DO SOMETHING.

Last chance to praise Spartacus AND his ass!

Friday, May 1st, 2009

What a week! I was a little worried about swine flu, until I realized that all it kills are humans. And it’s not like I ever get near pigs anyway. In fact, I don’t even know what a pig is. Hopefully it doesn’t resemble those fake mice I like to chase, because then maybe this could start to get a little hairy. Kinda like those things I love to coimg_00711ugh up on Dave’s bed.

But before that happens, we need to wrap up last week’s contest.  Don’t pretend like you forgot, either.  My sources indicate that there are STILL some humans out there who (a) haven’t died a miserable swinish death and (b) have yet to praise me.   You’ve got till the sun sets today to do so, in order to win your copy of the Spanish translation of MIRRORED HEAVENS!  Again, the rules:

1.  Send an email to, subject line “Cielos Reflajdos”

2.  Praise me—aka Spartacus the Wondercat—and don’t be shy!

3.  So far the best entry is a 30 page equation proving mathematically that cats are the highest form of life on this planet.

4.  But I think you can beat that by just saying something nice and sincere.

5.  Or you can lie.

Ok?   Ok.  The sun’s still in the sky, so GET TO WORK HUMANS!!

The winner will be announced Monday.  In the meantime, why not pre-order THE BURNING SKIES on Amazon?