Spot BURNING SKIES in the stores, win an ARC!

So BURNING SKIES is now in stores across America, and it’s only fitting that the Legions out there have a chance to get in on the action.  That’s why I’m running Yet Another Contest; this one is simple.

1. Find a copy of BURNING SKIES in your local bookstore.

2.Photograph it on the shelf.

3. Send the photo to me at (but don’t forget to remove the “Spamsux.”)

4. The first three people to send the photo in will receive what is certain to be a collector’s item in the years to come:  an advance reader copy of BURNING SKIES (distributed by Bantam for publicity purposes earlier this year), featuring more typos than you can shake a stick at, as well as a “director’s cut”.  Yes, something happens in the ARC that DOES NOT HAPPEN in the book I signed off on, and it’s a pretty big difference.  It involves a certain character and his long-lost love-interest, and that’s all I’m gonna say.

So go for it!  Just for yucks, the winners will also get a copy of the mass-market of MIRRORED HEAVENS, with all those cool appendices.

BURNING SKIES is available now from Amazon and other fine booksellers (and maybe even some crappy ones as well).


3 Responses to “Spot BURNING SKIES in the stores, win an ARC!”

  1. John C Says:

    Frack me. I wanted to take it easy after work today.

  2. edifanob Says:

    I live in Germany.
    To be honest for me it is cheaper to buy the book instead of a flight ticket :>)
    So no chance for me to win the ARC :>(

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