Back from Poland

A huge thanks to the folks at the International Festival of Books and Games for hosting me in Lodz, Poland last weekend, and in particular to the Star Wars Fan Club of Lodz (Lodzki Fanklub, to be precise), all of whom seriously rock. When I was growing up, Poland was behind the Iron Curtain; I never thought I’d go there ( in much the same way that it seemed to many of us that the Cold War could never end save in some event that reduced the world to cinder and ash and endless dark).

But — also while I was growing up — I was reading voraciously anything 2000 AD or Judge Dredd related.  (I still do, of course.)  So to meet Dredd writer and comic legend Alan Grant in Lodz was the honor of a lifetime. For that matter, the whole trip was. Now SA and I are back in LA with the way-too-many amoral hustlers we live with, aka the cats… back to work! More updates to come soon.

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