<ITEM> Autumn Rain's destruction of the Phoenix Space Elevator is the largest terrorist attack to ever occur in space.

<ITEM> Autumn Rain's identity remains unknown.

<ITEM> We must assume that Autumn Rain maintains the capability for future strikes on even more strategic targets.

<ITEM> Such targets might be located anywhere in the Earth-Moon system, and might include our fleets, our zone/net architectures or our key leadership.

<ITEM> With every day that passes with Autumn Rain at large, the threat of total war with the Eurasian Coalition grows.

<CONCLUSION> Locate, destroy Autumn Rain at earliest opportunity.

Autumn City Explosion
Fighting in Belem-Macapa peaks even as the Elevator detonates in the skies above the city

Destruction of the Phoenix Space Elevator

“The Rain was clearly hoping to use proxies to do their work. To destroy the Elevator at a distance rather than reveal to us just how thoroughly they'd penetrated its security.”

—Matthew Sinclair, CICom

18:20*: Jaguar missiles launched from five South American cities at (a) ground-based U.S. launch infrastructure and (b) Phoenix Elevator. First target takes massive damage, second target escapes unscathed.

18:22: Tampered satellites of Lvov, Wessex Combines fire space-to-space missiles at Elevator. Space-based defenses of Elevator destroy incoming weapons.

18:23: Elevator's bridge goes offline. Attempts to re-establish contact unsuccessful.

18:24: Elevator's engines fire in reverse. Elevator begins rapid de-acceleration toward atmosphere.

18:27: Joint U.S.-Eurasian commando operation launched, aimed at re-taking Elevator.

18:29: Particle beam cannon mounted on Bridge fires on approaching U.S., Eurasian ships, destroys two troopships, is destroyed in turn by several DE installations at intermediate range.

18:35: U.S., Eurasian marines land on Bridge, begin to secure structure.

18:36: Nuclear devices aboard Elevator's bridge detonate. Ensuing EMP, debris creates massive casualties across low orbit, in addition to those aboard Elevator.

* Brazil Time

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The Autumn Rain Manifesto

(Distributed in twenty languages across all major nets two hours after the destruction of the Phoenix Elevator.)

Peoples of the Earth! Your moment of truth is at hand. For too long have those you call leaders mortgaged your future. Sending you to die in their wars was not enough. Unleashing virulence into the atmosphere was not enough. Poisoning the seas was not enough. Nor was it enough that they should cover all these crimes beneath the hypocritical veil of progress.

Do you not see how they have lied to you? The superpowers claim to have put aside their differences, yet their alliance is really directed against their own people. We know where that path leads. All their promises, all their oaths, all their religion—all of it has led only to a shattered planet and the proffering of no way forward. And now the world's rulers have sought to culminate their sins with one final abomination. Amidst their treacherous councils, they devised a plan to flee the destruction which they have wrought. Their tower to the stars was intended by them as a means to escape the consequences of their actions, for they would have transported themselves and all their works to space. Some of you might have been deemed worthy to accompany them as slaves; the rest of you were to be left here to boil alive in your own juices and filth.

Peoples of the Earth, we are Autumn Rain. Like you, we are sprung from our Mother's holy waters, and from Her very seasons. We call upon you now, before it is too late, to return to Her as you once did in summer evenings long gone by. It was our hand that smote the proud edifice of your tyrant kings. But it is our planet's spirit that has acted through us. Now it must act through you. By all we all hold sacred, by all that has been and yet shall be, by sky above and ground below, we call upon you to rise up and cut down the politicians and generals who have enslaved your minds for so long.

Peoples of the Earth, it is in autumn that the farmer did ever reap what he did sow. And now the harvest time comes at last upon us. Is humanity to be a cancer upon our planet's body? Is the human race to be a parasite that slays its host, only to quest out into the vacuum in search of more blood upon which to feed? Or are we something more? All of history has waited for this moment. Evolve, we say, and the keys to Eden will be yours once more. Two words—non serviam—and all gates open before you, all trumpets blow, and thus—and only thus—shall you transcend.

The Hunters: The Razor-Mech Combos

“I want all our agents in the field. All of them. Pair the razors and mechs up, and get them out there. Now.”

—Matthew Sinclair, CICom

Team-Member #1

Agent Profile: Razor
Status: Command
Expertise: Zone/net infiltration

Team-Member #2

Agent Profile: Mechanic (mech)
Status: Subordinate
Expertise: Physical infiltration, assault

“Textbook procedure: the razor's wreaked havoc with the base's security systems, allowing the mech to move untracked inside the perimeter…”

—from The Mirrored Heavens