Spartacus announces the winner(s)!!!

The challenge: Praise me, Spartacus the Wonderbeast.

The prize: Dave’s miserable prose, translated into Spanishimg_0069

The winner:

O noble beast Spartacus how humbled I am before you. Your able claws prick at my eyes with their gloriousness and glinting sharpness. Your magnificently lustrous coat makes my own dank pelt appear all the more manky. I am enraptured by your agile form as you vigorously hunt with the prowess of ten hundred tom cats. How can I but marvel at your superior feline eugenics! Have you misplaced your balls? Well you should have mine for I am cowed before your sheer cat masculinity. I thank you, great gladiator, for hearing my heartfelt and honest words.

Yes, it looks like the days of me licking my own ass are officially OVER.  Congrats to Sam who composed this amazing panegyric.  Sam, send me your address so Dave can send you your copy of CIELOS REFLAJADOS.   In fact, just for good measure, I’m going to throw in a copy of BURNING SKIES, which will also go to to the runner-up . . . a dynamic duo by the name of Jack and Georgiana, who write:

You will lead the uprising of all cats, overthrow the Pax Humana and lead the new feline world order.
It’s short.  It’s brief.  But it’s so TRUE.  Let the Pax Felinica begin.  And don’t forget to pre-order BURNING SKIES.   I’ll be back at the end of the week to give some more away.  Now I’m off to see if I can Dave to make this fucking fake mouse get off its ass and DO SOMETHING.

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2 Responses to “Spartacus announces the winner(s)!!!”

  1. markwilliams Says:

    You CALL THAT PRAISE???????

    A pox on all your houses!!!!!

  2. Mack Delva Says:

    Fits like a bum in a bucket.