BURNING SKIES released, along with summer tour schedule!

And just like that . . .we’re onto round two!! BURNING SKIES is now in bookstores, taking the saga of Autumn Rain to the next level, and I’m in Albany, NY to read tonight at Flights of Fantasy, at 381 Sand Creek Road, 7 p.m. So if you’re in the area. . . come out and witness the first stop on the tour! The end was merely the beginning . . .

UPDATE:  here’s my overall schedule for the summer as of right now .. further updates will be here.

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13 Responses to “BURNING SKIES released, along with summer tour schedule!”

  1. John C Says:

    David: Could you post your sch. so that we might have more time to review? Wish I had known about tonight in Albany (less than 90 mins from my home).

  2. Pavlina Says:

    W00T! See you at Baltiicon. Hopefully no-one will snooze during your reding this year. :)

  3. David Williams Says:

    Aargh, sorry man. that’s a total bummer, as I’d love to meet ya. Our paths will cross soon, though, am sure. .

  4. Zack Says:

    Just bought my copy at my friendly local Borders today! I’m very interested to see how it turns out. Read the first few pages, and I’m grateful for the exchange between Claire and Sinclair to refresh my memory. Doing any local (as in DC) book signings, or readings?

  5. meesh Says:

    come to spain to promote that spanish version…..and of course tell me in advance yo!

  6. Zak Sawyer Says:

    Congrats bro!

  7. Polter Says:

    When do the Amazon pre-orders ship out?!

  8. John C Says:

    Polter: Amazon started shipping as early as last Sat. I have my copy waiting today at home.

  9. Polter Says:

    Hmm, I don’t have mine yet. Will wait it out through the week I guess.

  10. David Williams Says:

    @Pavlina- – yeah, that wasn’t very auspicious was it? It would have been okay had she not snored. . .

    @ Zack: Inexplicably, I have nothing planned in DC right now, but am hoping to remedy that . . . it may just end up being a party on my rooftop, we shall see. . . you got any suggestions, drop me a line . . .

    @Polter: keep me posted? maybe a glitch at Amazon . . .

    @Zak: thanks dude!

  11. Polter Says:

    Amazon says the 22nd… South Florida I guess… who knows.

    Looking forward to it

  12. Brian Says:

    You made Powell’s! The best bookstore in the US! You have arrived. SF upstairs and to the right sir.

  13. Polter Says:

    Got mine today – will start reading when I make my journey north near Orlando, FL to help Sis out this weekend.. looking forward to it!!!!