“Toe to toe with Richard Morgan at his best”

Mike Collins over at the awesomely-named Rescued by Nerds has reviewed BURNING SKIES. Mike starts off by saying that MIRRORED HEAVENS was “easily my favorite book of last year” (!), but he has this to say about the sequel:

So my verdict on BURNING SKIES? I can say without any hesitation that it wipes the floor with MIRRORED HEAVENS. This is Dave on steroids. The action is bigger, the conspiracies are deeper and the stakes are through the roof. . . .

Most of the book takes place on the fantastically conceived Europa Platform where we go from one wild action scene to the next. The pace is absolutely relentless and thrilling all the while. We learn bits of relevant information in the course of all the action. It reads fast, but it’s not lacking in depth. It builds to a conclusion that I certainly didn’t expect. One character makes a reveal that changes everything you’ve thought to that point and Dave ends with the boldest cliffhanger I’ve read in a long, long time. This is like Darth Vader revealing he’s Luke Skywalker’s father big. It’s a stunning conclusion. . . .

After Mirrored Heavens I thought Dave was very much a writer in the vein of Richard Morgan. Bombastic action scenes and a tough edge. After Burning Skies I think Dave is standing toe to toe with Morgan at his best. I can’t pay him a higher compliment than that.

BURNING SKIES is available from Amazon and other fine bookstores!

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9 Responses to ““Toe to toe with Richard Morgan at his best””

  1. Al Billings Says:

    Now Mr. Morgan will have to kill you.

  2. Joni Says:

    Sounds very cool. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Unfortunately my bookshop has not yet received copies, yet.

  3. David Williams Says:

    @Al: if he sends Takeshi Kovacs after me, then I’ll need to enlist the Operative as a bodyguard. : )

  4. Joni Says:

    Even then you also need also Spartacus to watch your six :)

  5. David Williams Says:


  6. Joni Says:

    Your back :)

  7. David Williams Says:

    I thought you mean the six characters or something. : )

    Yeah, Spartacus is going to be outfitted with some directed energy weaponry to ensure my safety. Hopefully he won’t get agendas of his own. . .

  8. Joni Says:

    Well, you never no that about a cat :P

  9. meesh Says:

    i can agree with this person especially the part about dave on steroids…..