The winners!!

What a week! I’ve crossed 92K on book three, and meanwhile io9 has featured a kickass trailer for BURNING SKIES–check it out! The book comes out this Tuesday, but there’s still time to pre-order. . .

And now for the moment everybody’s been waiting for. . . the contest . . . .I printed out everybody’s emails, and then Spartacus the Cat picked out the winners before heading off to enjoy some gourmet fish.  So here they are, along with their favorite characters:

Roland Dobbins . . . who digs Jason Marlowe!!

Billy Cripe . . . who can’t resist Claire Haskell!!

Eric Brumbaugh . . .who feels the same way!!

Roland’s email was the first to attract Spartacus’ attention, so he also gets a copy of the ARC (advance reading copy).  Anyway, that’s two votes for Claire, and one vote for Jason.  Amidst all of the entries, though, Jason and Claire pretty much ran neck and neck, with the Operative having to settle for third place.  Meanwhile, my editor’s favorite character, Seb Linehan, only received two votes!  Apparently no one has much of a soft spot for a wise-cracking mass-murderer.  Sigh.

8 Responses to “The winners!!”

  1. meesh Says:

    linehan is truly my favorite character by the by.

  2. John C Says:

    Frack me. frack, frack frack. Jason rules! hope Amazon ships on time.

  3. eric brumbaugh Says:

    i DO feel the same way….

    thanks a million!!!

  4. Al Billings Says:

    Pre-ordered copy of Burning Skies shipped from Amazon today (somehow, on a Sunday…). I received the e-mail telling me so.

  5. David Williams Says:

    @AL : awesome . .. brace yourself for Chaos! : )

  6. John C Says:

    It’s a GREAT DAY!. Amazon just sent me a message. My copy of Burning Skies is on a UPS truck. Thank you America.

  7. John C Says:

    and so it begins. . I loved the opening chapter and it’s description of some things. Hell, even Jason is mentioned. We get a hint of Claire and why she is what she is This is the type of book that requires the following. Wife, go to sleep, a good stiff drink, only enough lighting to be able to read, and then get sucked into a world filled with dread. Who is the real enemy? One thing for sure, you can’t read Burning Skies without first reading Mirrored Heavens, it pretty much starts where it left off. I’m a big Jason Marlowe fan, but dam Claire is coming up fast. And to think there’s a book 3 coming.

  8. David Williams Says:

    oh yes book three is coming. I just finished it today.