Last chance to praise Spartacus AND his ass!

What a week! I was a little worried about swine flu, until I realized that all it kills are humans. And it’s not like I ever get near pigs anyway. In fact, I don’t even know what a pig is. Hopefully it doesn’t resemble those fake mice I like to chase, because then maybe this could start to get a little hairy. Kinda like those things I love to coimg_00711ugh up on Dave’s bed.

But before that happens, we need to wrap up last week’s contest.  Don’t pretend like you forgot, either.  My sources indicate that there are STILL some humans out there who (a) haven’t died a miserable swinish death and (b) have yet to praise me.   You’ve got till the sun sets today to do so, in order to win your copy of the Spanish translation of MIRRORED HEAVENS!  Again, the rules:

1.  Send an email to, subject line “Cielos Reflajdos”

2.  Praise me—aka Spartacus the Wondercat—and don’t be shy!

3.  So far the best entry is a 30 page equation proving mathematically that cats are the highest form of life on this planet.

4.  But I think you can beat that by just saying something nice and sincere.

5.  Or you can lie.

Ok?   Ok.  The sun’s still in the sky, so GET TO WORK HUMANS!!

The winner will be announced Monday.  In the meantime, why not pre-order THE BURNING SKIES on Amazon?

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2 Responses to “Last chance to praise Spartacus AND his ass!”

  1. Roland Dobbins Says:

    Would you be so kind as to enable full-text posts for your syndication feed? For those of us with lots of feed subscriptions, summary-only feeds are very annoying.



  2. David Williams Says:

    Sure, no sweat.