Inglorious Basterds–with SPOILERS!



I gather Tarantino regards this as his masterpiece, and that he rewrote it about 20 times; it shows.  The script borders on genius, and has to be one of the best things Tarantino’s written in years. . . I found a copy here; it’s so demented that when it was first leaked, people wondered if it was a hoax.  But as we all found out, it turns out that yes, Tarantino really does kill Hitler, and bring the war to an end in 1944.  You have to admire the balls of someone willing to get on the Alternative History Bus and ride it past the very last stop, subverting (and celebrating) every single WWII movie stereotype along the way:  the Elegant Evil Nazi, the Redneck American Soldier, the European Femme Fatale . . . all of it gets whirled up into a giant melting pot brought to a boil just in time for the final insane shootout.  It was a little surreal to watch all this from the balcony of the Uptown Theater (also known as the Rat-town, in celebration of all the actual rats that live there), and the audience was eating it up.

Of course, in real life, Hitler was a damn sight harder to kill than this, which is why he lived as long as he did.  There’s a great book, called (appropriately enough) KILLING HITLER which gets into just how well-guarded he was, and how many assasination plots fell short, not that you’d need to read it to know that Hitler wouldn’t have hung out in the balcony of a Parisian theater with the entire Nazi high command while not a single soldier patrolled the hallways outside.  But whatever.  QT can do what he wants, and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD so I can learn about all the coy little references that sailed over my head while I was trying to take it all in.

Next up:  District 9!

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17 Responses to “Inglorious Basterds–with SPOILERS!”

  1. Karen Wester Newton Says:

    Dave– I think you should change the heading to “Major Spoilers Below.”

    I find it interesting that in media such as movies, the plot can include science fiction staples and yet not be labeled science fiction. It certianly isn’t advertised as anything other than a WWII action/adventure/lots of shooting and gore kind of movie.

  2. David Williams Says:

    er, sorry Karen. I put it in the headline now as well as keeping that first line as is. sorry if I wrecked it for you, I’m going to feel guilty for a bit now. But it’s a great movie even so!

  3. Karen Wester Newton Says:

    It’s OK, Dave. I planned to wait for the DVD anyway, and by then someone else would have spilled the alternate history beans. I am more concerned with eager Tarantino fans not wanting their plot beans spilled.

  4. Brian Says:

    So what happens in the end?

  5. Steven Klotz Says:

    I actually got a chance to meet QT at the Stunt Awards the year before Kill Bill was released. He was hyper enthusiastic about stuntmen and the important role they play in cinema. He was running up and down the red carpet introducing his favorite stunt men and women to reporters who pretty much had no idea who anyone was. He’d rattle off chronologically every movie the person had worked on until he got distracted by another person he admired getting ignored. That was one of my most surreal Hollywood moments, so it was REALLY neat to see a “stunt man” take center stage near the climax of the move.

  6. David Williams Says:

    QT def sounds like the kind of guy who still hasn’t lost the wonder of it all. Maybe that’s why he’s still creating such fresh stuff so long after his initial breakthrough into the industry. At any rate, introducing the Hired Help is a serious class act.

  7. Kameron Hurley Says:

    Yup, pretty much my thought about halfway through the movie was, “This is the best film Tarantino has ever made.”

    It’s pretty effing brilliant.

  8. L faith Says:

    To David J. Williams: Did you attend Springfield College?

  9. David J. Williams Says:

    That’s a negative. There’s a lot of DJWs running around out there, though. Be careful of imposters.

  10. L faith Says:

    Thanks very much. I appreciate your letting me know. I’ll keep looking.

  11. Evalinsapple Says:

    Imposters? I’ll beware. Maybe there’s a bot doll you lurking about. I have a friend who says the vortex of an ex she dated for seven years looks like you. But he directed his artistry into music, and never attended college..

    What is it with science ficition authors.. (I am joining your leagues with my sci fi screenplay titled Infinity. But I plan to smile for my photo opt. :) Yet the men in the league seem to have some sort of competition for creating the most menacing photo of all time. I think you’re deadlocked with Richard K Morgan at the moment for most terrifying photo ever. If looks could kill..

  12. David Williams Says:

    It’s all part of the unwaveringly bad-ass image Morgan and I have to maintain.

    When we’re out of sight of our fans, we play croquet. But keep that to yourself.

  13. Evalinsapple Says:

    You know the rules: the Red Queen has to win.. HaHa. Have you met Morgan? I met Kovac, but Morgan prefers to operate in the realm of sci fi rather than history when it comes to Kovac.

    But back to croquet:

    Really there are so many cool things about China, such as their atheism, their geekiness, their updated human rights policy, and their advanced sense of humor that I look at it as a nation that needs to be chided every now and again rather than run right over.

  14. David Williams Says:

    Met Morgan once, in Seattle. After five minutes had passed and we’d failed to kill one another, we decided to have a drink. He’s a cool guy.

  15. Evalinsapple Says:

    Morgan and I haven’t made that friendly little agreement. What year?

  16. Evalinsapple Says:

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