Leave no pet behind

Fellow SF Novelist Dave Freer is emigrating from South Africa to Australia, but the costs of quarantine and transport for his four pets run to 19K. He’s set up a special storytellers bowl site where you can contribute $ to an ongoing novel he’s working on; please consider doing so, as those pet-owners out there know how hard it would be to leave an animal behind.

And speaking of animals, there will be a Special Pet Announcement on this site shortly.  The search for Spartacus’ successor is over!  Stay tuned for details.

2 Responses to “Leave no pet behind”

  1. Piotr Says:

    Why don’t world awesome scifi writers don’t migrate to New Zealand??

  2. Zachariah Carmella Says:

    Nice article, showing maturity in your response. I have just got interested in blogging and hopefully i am able to do so