Local bloggers!

“Think globally, act locally”—last week, I participated in a MeetUp of local D.C. bloggers, all of them worth checking out:

http://jadxia.livejournal.com/ –the legendary Jade Pages
http://thispersonstinks.wordpress.com — the Tao of Tracy T.
http://Durosia.com — “unrestricted thought”
http://jenesaisrein.blogspot.com — musings about DC and everything (politics, food, the environment…)
http://www.freeagentwriter.com — helping companies and writers thrive
http://www.feedbacksecrets.com — strategies and techniques for establishing your online business
http://NotionsCapital.com — ideas and events on culture in DC
http://knightleyemma.wordpress.com — music, movies, and tv
http://www.freeindc.blogspot.com — free and cheap things in DC
www.joelogon.com/blog — dumb things I have done lately
http://swordandthescript.blogspot.com/ — A blog that studies the application of marketing and PR.

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