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All the presidents

Monday, April 6th, 2009

io9 put together a list of future presidents for the 21st century, and President Andrew Harrison from MIRRORED HEAVENS/BURNING SKIES has made the list!

THE AWESOME RETROFIT: Harrison rules from 2088-2093; other U.S. presidents include Lex Luthor, Victor Von Doom, Oprah Winfrey, the alien FXJKHR, and—my personal fave—Robert L. Booth from Judge Dredd, the man who started the Great Atom War that turned North America into radioactive wasteland!!!

THE ACTUAL TRUTH: As all loyal citizens know, President Andrew Harrison (aka “the Throne”) took power in 2088 as first president under the Reformed Constitution, and then proceeded to invoke the state of emergency clause; twenty-two years later, he continues to rule with absolute powers, presiding over an Inner Cabinet composed of scheming traitors loyal officers.