All the presidents

io9 put together a list of future presidents for the 21st century, and President Andrew Harrison from MIRRORED HEAVENS/BURNING SKIES has made the list!

THE AWESOME RETROFIT: Harrison rules from 2088-2093; other U.S. presidents include Lex Luthor, Victor Von Doom, Oprah Winfrey, the alien FXJKHR, and—my personal fave—Robert L. Booth from Judge Dredd, the man who started the Great Atom War that turned North America into radioactive wasteland!!!

THE ACTUAL TRUTH: As all loyal citizens know, President Andrew Harrison (aka “the Throne”) took power in 2088 as first president under the Reformed Constitution, and then proceeded to invoke the state of emergency clause; twenty-two years later, he continues to rule with absolute powers, presiding over an Inner Cabinet composed of scheming traitors loyal officers.

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6 Responses to “All the presidents”

  1. John C Says:

    David: I was wondering why the story so far has no animals in it? I was hoping to see a stealth black cat being able to penetrate inner defenses and deliver a killing blow or point to a target for a 500 pounder to drop in?

    Also, I voted for that sucker Harrison (I was 130 years old due to NASA tech implants). Now everything is a fracking mess.

  2. John C Says:

    Please see link below. An early design of Jason M’s mech suit.


  3. meesh Says:

    radioactive ducks!

  4. John C Says:

    U know I was thinking abuot Autumn Rain………Maybe there not so bad? Can’t we all just get along? As for radioactive ducks…..hell yeah. They come in quiet, low to the ground and when in range they lift up their wings and fire two racks of micro-rockets. At this moment I picture David throwing up in the bathroom while his side kick laughs his ass off.
    Good night America.

  5. John C Says:

    Ok, like where the frack is everyone? I just ran across two fracking GREAT reviews for the upcoming Star Trek movie. It sounds (and metal god please grant me this wish) like they did it right this time around. An A+ movie to reboot the franchise.


  6. David J. Williams Says:

    @ John — I was going to say “there are no animals in the world of 2110 because the humans killed them all”, but then I realized that a dog makes an appearance on page 28 of MIRRORED HEAVENS. I think that’s the only one, but maybe I’ll put a chihuahua in book three. hmmm.

    Also, Lynx’s name is intended to be a little symbolic. : )

    thanks for the Star Trek reviews–gonna be a good summer for movies, methinks.