That D-word

I contributed a piece to Suvudu yesterday on dystopias and “positive” science fiction and why the latter is one of the most dangerous things ever invented. Other than Pez Dispensers. Anyway, check it out.

And why not buy BURNING SKIES while you’re at it.

3 Responses to “That D-word”

  1. michele Says:

    i finished reading the mirrored heavens 2 months ago and just got burning skies, and in 3 days that its almost done…one of the BEST books that i have read in a long time and i mean in a LONG time

  2. John C Says:

    Yeah Michele I agree 100 percent. I read only a few pages a day to enjoy the story for as long as I can. It feels like you need a special recliner with a seat belt so that you don’t fall off while reading. I’m already thinking…..what do I read after this that equals the pace and action? If anyone could please recommend something along this subject matter please post it.

  3. David J. Williams Says:

    Thanks folks! I’m being far more shameless about self-promotion this time around, so please consider posting your thoughts on Amazon/ your own websites/message-boards/all over cyberspace! May Autumn Rain’s legions prevail!

    (can you tell I’ve had my a.m. caffeine fix)

    And Michele, let me know what you think when you get to the end!!!