Well, it’s all over. Book Three, which bears the title I came up with back in 2002—the oldest of my three titles—is now into Bantam.  Of course, there’s plenty more revision work to do, but the hard part’s over. Now I need to get on with the business of saying goodbye to the characters that have haunted my dreams for nearly a decade now . . . and since I know some of you are wondering:

—yes, this wraps up the #$# series.

—no, it’s not a fake-set-up for a book four.

—and no, it’s not an anticlimax—it’s easily the best thing I’ve ever written. Perhaps I’m not exactly the most Reliable Narrator/Witness in that regard. .  . but right now my head’s spinning with the surrealism of it all—and I can’t think of a better place to process it than in southern California, where the sun always shines and traffic is a figment of everybody’s deranged imaginations.  See you by the pool.

And what better book to bring to that pool than BURNING SKIES?


  1. John C Says:

    Then I hope book 3 is like 2000 pages, cause book 2 is even better than MH. what a bunch of wise ass cracking characters. I’m laughing my ass off how the group interacts. There’s a scene in the book where one of the agents uses his suit in a defensive manner, that was great. Somehow, every page seems to end with someone having the “oh shits”. I’m sorry we can’t go into more detail without spoilers. David, again I ask why can’t we have a forum for discussions? GRRM has one (although I’m convinced he’s never going to finish his next book). I hope they convert these books to audio format.

    Pershaps as fans we might have to create our own zone…….

  2. Melinda Says:

    That’s awesome, Dave! Congrats!

  3. meesh Says:


  4. Joni Says:

    Yes, hush now I have not yet got my copy :(

    Discussion forum would be nice but if you are in the Facebook, you can find a sort of forum from there.

  5. David Williams Says:

    There may ultimately be a forum, but I have to be realistic: GRRM’s books have a little bit larger of a fan base than mine. Stay tuned, though . . : )

  6. Mike Collins Says:

    Congrats Dave!

    I know it must be hard saying goodbye. But you get to start thinking about what comes next now.

  7. David Williams Says:

    Thanks Mike. . . then again, I’ve still got revisions to look forward to . .!