Upcoming sci-fi movies

Two interesting SF movies: I gather the first is already out in some theaters but the second isn’t due out till later in the year.

Sleep Dealer: which looks to be a provocative examination of immigration and the growing stratification of wealth in the “global village.”  Anyone seen it yet?

Moon: dark psychological thriller directed by David Bowie’s son and starring Sam Rockwell.

And yeahyeahyeah. . .  I know I had all these Grand Plans about promoting Burning Skies on the blog this week.  Sorry guys, the third book took priority.  But next week I’ll be giving away Spanish copies of Mirrored Heavens, and Spartacus the Wondercat will be BACK AS PROMISED.  (Right now he’s shedding though.  Like crazy.  How much hair can one #$# animal have???)

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4 Responses to “Upcoming sci-fi movies”

  1. Pak Says:

    I’m waiting for the following:

    District 9


    Drag Me To Hell


    & …. GI JOE!


  2. Steven Klotz Says:

    I watched it with 2 genre writers, one of which is big into the Mundane SF movement, and my fiancee over the weekend. We all loved it. It’s very timely. I know Dave will get a kick out of the drone warfare sequences. The “memory market” concept both played well in the story and is just a neat science fictional idea. Also some technologically enhanced sex. I reviewed it on my site, but I can’t recommend it often enough. If you have a chance to check this out while it’s on the big screen, don’t hesitate.

  3. Mitchel Soito Says:

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  4. Jerrod Knezovich Says:

    I want to watch all mmff movies! :D