Now surfacing after three days locked in a room with my cat and this #$# manuscript . . .and here are some cool links:

—If you haven’t watched the full Susan Boyle video, you really #$# should. Don’t mind admitting I can’t watch it without getting a little teary.

—Hat tip to Making Light: these are the principles of the American cargo cult.

—If you’re into electronica, may I recommend Sonic Solutions?  Their Pax Romana album is available on itunes, and is definitely part of the Autumn Rain soundtrack that’s usually cranking away in my head.

—Fuck, this is a cool preview-–only Roland Emmerich could pull this off.  This movie will be h-u-g-e.

—Margaret Roland over at Magic District has put together a “how to write a novel” version of the old text-based Adventure.  As hilarious as it is accurate.

2 Responses to “Linkfest”

  1. John C Says:

    Music from Sonic Solutions is way cool. Nice vid on Ms Boyle, she is all over the place now. Not sure about 2012, need to re-search this more. Tic tock, my book order will soon be on the dock. Can’t wait to see what Claire does next. Jason M rules.

  2. Steven Klotz Says:

    I LOVE that text adventure post by Roland!