Hugo/Campbell eligibility

My lovely and talented agent, Jenny Rappaport, has told me that I absolutely HAVE to post on my blog that I’m eligible for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and that MIRRORED HEAVENS is eligible for a Hugo. I feel a little uncomfortable mentioning this, but I unswervingly follow Jenny’s advice in all things related to the literary business, and she has asked me to post this twice now, so there you have it. And hey, the nomination forms are here.

My own recommendation:  by all means nominate me for a Campbell, but for the Hugo, I’d recommend either ANATHEM or LITTLE BROTHER.  However, with this display of modesty and restraint (and, er, realism), I’m really just buying myself the right to shamelessly pimp the sequel BURNING SKIES, which you really ought to be thinking about for next year’s Hugo, even though you haven’t read it yet because it’s not due out for another few months.  I’d say it’s my masterpiece, but if that’s really the case, then I’ve got a real problem, as the third book has to be even better.  Did I mention that last book’s three hundred pages behind schedule?  I am so fucked.

Oh, and nominate John Joseph Adams for Best Editor, Short Form, because the guy has launched a new golden age of SF anthologies and is, yanno, the Slush GOD.

One Response to “Hugo/Campbell eligibility”

  1. Joni Says:

    Congratulations for getting to those lists! But 300 pages behind schedule? Man, you have keep on typing :)