Book Three of the Autumn Rain trilogy

I’m way behind on this—scarily behind—but if I stay on schedule I should be able to make up the deficit soon enough. But it’s a weird feeling to be writing this book at all. You guys have been aware of Autumn Rain for (at most) just under a year now, and you’ve only seen the first book (but did I mention the sequel THE BURNING SKIES is due out in May?); this trilogy has been the center of my existence for more than eight years, and the idea now that I’m writing the final book in the series is very strange indeed.  I’m preparing to say goodbye to the characters who have haunted my dreams for basically this entire decade, and it’s funny, because they’re the ones who wanted to be published even more than I did. They babbled and clamored in my head and demanded to be let loose upon the world, and it was all I could do to do everything to oblige them.

4 Responses to “Book Three of the Autumn Rain trilogy”

  1. John C Says:

    Long live Jason M!! Working on book 3? When can I pre-order?

  2. Brian Says:

    Just the beginning. Certainly not the end.

  3. meesh Says:

    but soon it will be over and there will be more empty space for your next ideas!

    you have other ideas, right?

    i can’t wait to see how it all winds up!!!

  4. Mike Collins Says:

    Hey Dave,

    I’ve had similar experience when finishing a documentary I’ve grown attached to. It’s tough to know it’s ending and to be prepared to let it go cause it’s been playing out in your head for yours and now you have to commit it to paper.

    But you get to complete your first trilogy and then move onto whatever it is that comes next.