Auction at the Senate

For sheer chutzpah, Blagojevich certainly gets a prize, but it’s worth remembering that when it comes to selling public office, he’s a rank amateur compared to the all-time recordholders, the Praetorian Guard back in 193 A.D. If you believe Ridley Scott’s version, once Commodus was dead, Russell Crowe’s body was carried out of the Colosseum covered in flowers and the Republic was restored amidst a suitably uplifting musical score. Of course, what really happened is that the Praetorians auctioned off the entire empire in a single night, and the lucky winner was Senator Didius Julianus, who enjoyed the throne for all of two months before Severus’ troops marched in from the Rhine and chopped him into little bitty pieces. Before it’s all over, Blagojevich will undoubtedly be wishing for a similar fate.

10 Responses to “Auction at the Senate”

  1. Joni Says:

    I just love the way they handled things in Rome :)

  2. Eileen Says:

    Jackson’s son is as big a baffoon as his father was. I hope this puts an end to his political career. Chicago corruption needs to come to an end. Not likely with this new corrupt president, the fruit of the corrupt politcal machine.

  3. John Carrasquillo Says:

    Hello Eileen: New corrupt president? Please provide details as to how you come to your conclusions for discussion. Thanks.

  4. MaryJo Says:

    Everyone, well at least over 50 Million people and surly more if the closet conservatives vote in, know Obama has had so many questionable dealings with The Rev, Ayers, Rosco and of course doesn’t know them now. Going to church for over 20 years with Wright, Land house dealings with Rosco, A radical Ayers and his wife blowing up a police station in Ny, hit the pentagon and a few other places. C’mon bologna hes corrupt and is in the soup with all of them. And I’m a Dem

  5. John Carrasquillo Says:

    Interesting MaryJo. If I were to use your logic both Sen. McClain and Gov. Palin would be in jail. If Pres. Elect. Obama is in the soup, then he should be on tape and in handcuffs. Nobody is going to cover for a black Pol.

    On the plus side. For the first time in a very long time we finally are going to have a Pres with a brain. Someone who understands an issue when brought to the table and not ignoring it.

    My personal opinion.

    We are seeing a prelude as to how an administration could be run by two very different men.

    One man appeared to shoot from the hip, he picked a running mate he hardly knew even though he had months to pick one. The result? An unqualified person to help run our county. Somebody please tell Sara that the VP slot is not in charge of the senate.

    The other guy appears to have surrounded himself with a team and ran a smooth campaign.

    This has been one of the easiest picks for me.

  6. Brian Says:

    Of course it’s pretty hard to respect someone’s allegations when they can’t even get the names right. Rosco, as I recall, was last seen on the finale of The Dukes of Hazard in 1985.

    Hey MaryJo, how about smartening up here just a little and giving the guy a chance to make good on the promise? How about you stop parroting what you heard down at the feed barn and actually put your brain to the situation? How about being part of a solution? How about getting out of your own way and let someone with a brain actually get into office and try to fix this mess of a country Bush made for all of us?

    Dissent can coexist with cooperation. Right now we need a lot more cooperation than dissent. I’m not in any way saying anyone should not or can not have a different opinion of the government or those that serve in it, but if you haven’t noticed, shit’s pretty bad and it’s not looking up in the foreseeable future. Casting unfounded and irrelevant character assassinations of a new-hire that hasn’t even worked his first day in the job strikes me as a recipe for worsening an already unmanageable situation.

  7. meesh Says:

    i am not quite sure what to believe about jackson jr….

    based on what i have read of the court filings, he seems pretty far removed, rather, not caught directly speaking to the gov.

    and please….let’s give hopey a chance for the change we need.

    i soon will be living a new life in a different land that isn’t my blessed america so i will be viewing all this with new eyeballs.

  8. Al Billings Says:

    I wish this guilt by association crap would die. You know, the fact that Obama went to Wright’s church and had him as a preacher doesn’t make Obama “corrupt” unless that word means something other than the dictionary definition.

  9. narciso Says:

    First of all, Gladiator is very entertaining, but has nothing to do with the truth about Marcus Aurelius or Commodus. I don’t know who Rosco? is my self but Ayers, Pfleger, Wright, slum lord queen Valerie Jarrett, subprime investor Pennie Pritzker
    are just some dodgy characters in his circle. One is gladdened by the fact, that they’ve given Biden nothing to do; which matches the overinflated image of his
    grandiloquence. Hillary was the best of a mediocre lot, Gates was ok, but it does indicate continuity over change. Holder embarasses any conscience any one might have, Daschle, to carry out as expansive a project as National Health Care. I understand why such underwhelming changes cause you rage against any dissenters; but seriously now. You were sold a bill of goods as vacuous as that which the late Hamilton Jordan, indicated would be the dirth of populism, Vance at State, one of the planners of Vietnam, and Brezinski at NSC. John Brennan was forced out because any familiarity with those tactics that protected us over the last 7 years is verboten. The post election maneuvers of Putin, Ahmadinejad, Zawahiri
    and Chavez speak louder than the opposition’s many press statements.

  10. John C Says:

    Narciso: We as a nation have been sold a bill of goods for the last 8 years. We are a nation with very serious issues. I’m willing to give the new guy a chance to see what he can, first delay, then stop, then fix some of our issues. Our current admin has been hiding under a rock for the last 8 years.

    As for the post election maneuvers of Putin, Ahmadinejad, Zawahiri
    and Chavez speak louder than the opposition’s many press statements. Lets see where the chips fall when our new pres responds. I think we will be surprised to see some steel behind his words.