Strange Horizons reviews the Autumn Rain trilogy

Nader Elhefnawy has penned an extremely thoughtful review of the entire trilogy for Strange Horizons.

On a more personal note, I should say it’s very cool to finally be IN Strange Horizons; I sent them some shitty short stories several years ago, which they (wisely) declined to publish. Though I did have one that featured a gang of space pirates trapped on Titan that I was rather partial to at the time.  Alas, this was before I learned how to write.

Anyway, now I need to get back to the cats and the Sekrit Projects.  Enjoy the Halloween weekend….

One Response to “Strange Horizons reviews the Autumn Rain trilogy”

  1. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    That’s awesome, David. Ironic it took until your third book, but hey! Hope coverage for my book continues even half as long as for yours. Inclusion this week in a top five sci-fi debuts was a treat though! Pressure’s on for a sequel now. Was yours a planned trilogy?