Congratulations to Hugo-winner Peter Watts

Congrats to the whole list of winners, but I’m particularly psyched about my friend and (dare I say) mentor, Peter Watts, whose 2010 started out with him facing jail time but will now go down as the year he won the #$# Hugo for his brilliant story “The Island,” possibly the best SF short story written in the last five years. More details, along with disturbing photos, at Watts’ blog.  And you can (and should) read the “The Island” here . . . a harrowing tale of first contact by a construction crew unlike any you’ve ever seen before.  Huge congrats to the Doctor, and kudos to beautiful Melbourne for pulling off what was by all accounts a fab WorldCon.

One Response to “Congratulations to Hugo-winner Peter Watts”

  1. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    That’s cool when it’s someone you know!