The winner!

Captain Zoom here. 

The big moment has arrived.

And I’m pleased to announce the winner of the contest to win the entire Autumn Rain trilogy is . . . .

AJAX!  Yes, Ajax has won all three books.  Which means he and I can now line our litter box with every single page of the trilogy while we languidly purr and …

What’s that?



Well, you’re not going to believe this, but Dave has churlishly informed me that BOTH of his household cats are ineligible.

However, non-household cats are fair game.

And Mirik Smit of the Netherlands has a cat.  Perhaps this is why he has won the entire Autumn Rain trilogy.  Perhaps not.  Cats are mysterious that way.  At any rate, congratulations are due to Mirik.

As for the rest of you losers, I mean, contestants, don’t despair.  You can still always, yanno, buy the books.

Shoplifting is also an option, though you heard ’nuffin from me.

2 Responses to “The winner!”

  1. Mirik Says:

    Yay! Thanks Captain Zoom and Ajax!

    Will put a review up on my Twitter when I have devoured these cat-loving books!

    Much purrrs from the Netherlands!

  2. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    Hey, David. The new edition of Prinkipria came out today and our interview is the main feature!