Two new interviews

…the first of those in near real-time.  I’m over at fellow SF author Alex J. Cavanaugh’s blog today, answering questions and weighing in on the comments.  Learn more about possible Autumn Rain movie deals, and the original MIRRORED HEAVENS cover you’ll probably never see.  And Alex is a great guy too, so you should stick around and check out his commentary on various cultural goings-ons.. .

And I also have returned to podcasters Dead Robots Society!  Thanks to Justin Macumber and his cohorts— you can listen to my rantings here

Meanwhile, 5 days until MACHINERY OF LIGHT!!

The Machinery of Light

5 Responses to “Two new interviews”

  1. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    Happy to host you, David. I’ll have to listen to your rantings now!

  2. Cassandra Jade Says:

    Great interview on Alex’s site. It was great to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Cole D. Says:

    Hey just letting you know I got The Machinery of Light package today! pretty cool stuff! Who created it all for you! I’m a big fan of the bookmarks! I’ll prolly drop a lot of the postcards off at Malaprops in Asheville, NC. Later man

  4. John C Says:

    David: Thanks for the surprise. Also great interview. NO COMMENT?? Can we dream of the possibly? Should we start a massive rumor mill to get my boy Jason (played by Sam Worthington) powered up on the big screen, to see the Zone live? That would kick ass. I can’t wait for Amazon to start shipping.

  5. David Williams Says:

    @ Cole — art is by the same dude whose art adorns my website (Randy Macdonald), design/printing is by the web designers TSA . . there are links to both of ‘em at the bottom of this page..

    now go ye forth and put stickers everywhere!

    and if anyone else wants Autumn Rain stickers/collateral to desecrate their town with, just drop me a line. .

    @ John C- no comment! : )