Happy birthday to the Beasts!!

Well, Ajax turned one on Sunday, and Captain Zoom’s birthday is today, so the three of us are doing lines all day to celebrate. And what better way to kick things off than by showing the world their birthday present.. . sent to AutumnRainHQ by the awesome Jess Horsley over at Figures.com . .  a cool as #$# Buck Rogers figurine! However, as you can see, getting everybody to pose proved impossible in their coked-up state; though Zoom was eventually tempted out to see if Buck’s ear contained any more snow, Ajax became super-paranoid and decided the whole thing was a trap, so he retired behind the coffee table.

But whatever.  They’re both ONE YEAR OLD, so cut them some slack, willya?  Now go buy yourself some MACHINERY OF LIGHT, and keep these beasts in turkey for a long time to come…


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