Traveller: revisiting the old school RPGs

I’ve started a series of posts over at to talk about an obsession of mine, namely old school RPGs. (Thanks to the illustrious John Joseph Adams for suggesting that I get involved with Tor’s online community, though I should note I have no plans to stop blogging at the awesome Suvudu.)

First up is Traveller. Go over there and say hi, or comment here on what game you want to see me talk about next….

9 Responses to “Traveller: revisiting the old school RPGs”

  1. Joni Says:

    Very interesting. I would be also very interesting to see an RPG adaptation of Autumn Rain trilogy maybe using the new Traveller engine (by Mongoose Publishing) :)

    About other old time school rpgs. What about Twilight:2000 or Cyberpunk 2020?

  2. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    I left my suggestion!

  3. Cole D. Says:

    Hey have you ever tried Eve Online? I’ve never been a big MMO fan, never got into world of warcraft or anthing but Eve Online is pretty addicting, and something that runs along the lines of what your books deals with.

  4. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    For some reason my comment never posted, David, but I suggested Call of Cthulhu.

  5. Tim S Says:

    I’d second Call of Cthulu. How about one of the Palladium line like Rifts, for a well developed world spoiled by overpowered characters. Or maybe Dragon Warriors simple, cheap but surprisingly good classic fantasy. I suppose White Wolf should get a mention as well….

    I’m now wondering where I stashed my copy of Classic Traveller :-D

  6. David Williams Says:

    I’m *definitely* going to do Cyberpunk . . . I never actually played Call of Cthulu, but enough folks have suggested it to make me think there’d be appetite for such an analysis. . .

    Eve Online: art is fab, and I’ve been meaning to check it out, especially now that I’m looking at getting back into writing for video games. . .

    As to an Autumn Rain RPG, that’d be interesting. Certainly the Second Cold War offers endless opportunities for adventures. Btw, fans of Gamma World will rightly suspect that the cryptic alliance The Apocalypse was a big influence on Autumn Rain itself….

  7. Tim S Says:

    Cool, which version of Cyberpunk? Or should I just wait for the article to come out? ;-)

    I’m an old Cyberpunk ref since the 2013 days, it appears I’m also one of the few who likes the version 3 setting. It just has so many possibilities…..

  8. Joni Says:

    I would like to see the Cyberpunk 2020 article as I am a long time CP2020 GM (I jumped to the wagon at that point, so I missed 2013 even though my friend had it and later on I borrowed it).

    Yes, Second Cold War would be awesome as it is a territory that has not been set in stone with canon (the books). It would work like an RPG set before Lord of the Rings books (or even the Hobbit). Hmm… come to think of that, probably better :)

  9. David Williams Says:

    I only ever played Cyberpunk 2020 – – like Joni, missed out on the later iterations. . .

    Looking at the reference guides online, the one I missed out entirely on was the Orbit source book…. that would have come in handy for Autumn Rain, methinks.