Iron Man 2

Well, Marvel has done it again. Iron Man’s sequel pulled in more than a hundred million this weekend, on top of its stellar international opening. The film stuck to the formula that worked so well for the first one: lots of explosions, plenty of action and Tony Stark’s charisma on display throughout. Wisely, they didn’t include the Mandarin as villain, instead wheeling out a rogue Russian physicist, played by Mickey Rourke, supposedly the son of the original Crimson Dynamo. Rourke pretty much stole the show for me, and I can only scratch my head at the reports that he was offered a mere quarter million for the role initially. The scene where he just calmly walks onto the Grand Prix track and then starts lacerating cars with an electric bolo is pure genius–so good, in fact, that the movie has trouble producing anything better till the very end. Kudos also go to Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double, the aptly named Heidi Moneymaker, who’s just pure hell on wheels. I wasn’t initially convinced by Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury, but he ultimately won me over, and hey, I get it: if this is going to be an enduring franchise, then it’s got to start expanding our view into the Marvelverse.

Meanwhile, a lot of people keep writing in to ask me how Iron Man’s exoskeleton differs from the powered armor worn by the mechs in my Autumn Rain books. The answer, of course, is it really doesn’t, except that I’d envision the armor as being, realistically, a lot bulkier, partially because it’s, hey, ARMOR, and also because it needs to contain a lot of ammo and fuel. It’d also be a damn sight harder to get on then just flicking open a briefcase. But ultimately, the main requirement of powered armor is that it kick ass, and that’s something that the Iron Man movies deliver on in full. No surprise that the third one is already in development…

And if those movies have left you jonesing for more combat involving guys in battlesuits, then you know where to look….

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9 Responses to “Iron Man 2”

  1. John C Says:

    Thanks for the review. Ironman is cool but he’s got nothing on Jason Marlowe, sorry. Mr.Marlowe would rocket his ass up real quick. Growing up in the 60’s I read everything printed on Nick Fury and his howling commandos. Then his moving on to be the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. I can’t get past Samuel Jackson now being Nick Fury. If Marvel wanted to get with the times they should have created a new charactor of African American decent. There’s too much history on the Fury of old.

    David, I know I’m not going to get my wish but a couple of books on JM would have been nice lol.


  2. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    I wasn’t able to get out to the movies this weekend, but I will catch Iron Man II this week. I have to, or I’ll fall behind, as there’s a new movie I want to see every weekend this month.
    I’d picture an armored suit bulky under any circumstances, too.

  3. rob Says:

    excellent assessment DW!
    agreed on all points

    however id go further to say that the origami suitcase almost ruined the movie for me

    it totally invalidates the well-established extensive, expensive and supremely awesome apparatus we all know is required to get into that thing!


  4. Joni Says:

    I am yet to see this movie but the first one gave me a pleasant surprise. I might have a chance to go and see this one this week. I’m not sure yet.

    Thanks for the review, anyway. The first Iron Man movie and Burning Skies had a good synergy. The book gave good vibes to go and see the movie and on the other hand the movie helped to visualize the powered armor (somewhat).

  5. Christina Says:

    I haven’t seen this one yet, but after this week, I need a good movie to indulge in.

    Funny I never thought to envision the Iron Man armour when reading… I think my brain automatically assimilated Master Chief from the Halo series.

    Here’s a thought: who would play Jason Marlowe in a film version?

  6. Jess Horsley Says:

    I saw Iron Man 2 at a press screening last Tues and, while it wasn’t as well rounded as the first film, I thought Iron Man 2 had better characterization and better CGI/action. But wait…Iron Man 2 didn’t have that much action? Yup, I know…which let’s you know what I think of the action scenes in the original Iron Man.

    Sadly, Faveru still doesn’t know how to direct an action-packed conclusion and, while I appreciate his attempt in IM2, the ending action sequences of both films were anti-climactic and disappointing to say the least. However, I enjoyed the awesome character designs (who could be a fan of the AR series and not love the War Machine armor, which is what I envision the AR mechs wearing!). Overall, the films are hugely entertaining and fun and that’s the reason I go to the movies – to be entertained and have fun. I have tickets to see a screening of Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe’s new Robin Hood tonight – we’ll see if it fares as well as IM2…

  7. David Williams Says:

    I am counting down the days till Robin Hood. Can’t wait. . .

  8. Joni Says:

    I have not played Halo (my console of choice is PS3) and because IM’s armor could fly, I made the connection…

    As for the cast of AR movie, I really should read all the books again to get a better feel of them :)

    The new Robin Hood is also on my list as well as Valhalla Rising.

  9. Erik Says:

    Finally got to see IM2 this weekend and overall loved it. I agree that Mickey Rourke was outstanding. I initially was pretty displeased that Terence Howard had been replaced, but forgot all about it pretty quickly. There was one glaring flaw in the movie in terms of CG effects. During the Rourke scene on the racetrack, there is a shot of him walking with explosions all around him.. it seriously looked on par with some special effects from the mid to early 90’s. It just detracted from an overall cool scene.

    Regarding Scarlet Johanssen’s stunt double, I read that her fight scenes were drastically reduced due to some angles that clearly showed the doubles face. Apparently there is 30 minutes of deleted scenes that will probably make it on the DVD/Bluray. That fight scene in particular should be pretty awesome to see in full!

    I find it interesting that I had never considered the AR mechs to be wearing suits somewhat like Ironman. I guess that makes sense though now that I think about it. I can now see the War Machine armor fitting in fairly well. After all, we know Jason’s armor at the very beginning of the series has a minigun, grenade racks, etc.