Scifi Surplus interview

The good folks at Scifi Surplus posted an interview I did with them last week about the Autumn Rain trilogy, and the impending release of the final volume, THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT. . . check out what I had to say here.

It’s always dangerous to try to select your own Money Quotes, but here’s my shot at it:

“We’ve had all this talk about whether the U.S. can engage in pre-emptive strike; but in the world of cyberwarfare, there’s no such thing:  you’re constantly at war, it’s always on, in the same way that your white blood cells are constantly at war with bacteria.”

“The one part of the original cyberpunk vision that never sat well with me was that the State would wither away.  I never got into the idea of faceless corporations running things; I think nation-states will get bigger and meaner and uglier.”

“At the end of the day, the best reason for getting into space anyone’s ever found is that the other guy’s doing it.  If the Chinese land a taikonaut on the Moon, I have to believe the U.S. would be getting back there pronto.”

“People think weaponization of space is abstract and in the future. . but every time an American GI in Iraq uses GPS, that’s reliance on space-based hardware right there.”

“It’s all too easy to forget the Net is grounded in physical infrastructure.  If I control your satellites and your switchboards, I control your internet, no matter what your copyright laws are and how many manifestos on the freedom of information you’ve written.”

“Let’s face it, the biggest enemy of the U.S. army is the U.S. navy . . . they’re both competing for the same funding.  So for my books, I wondered what that would look like if the military were really running the show . . . it ended up being office politics taken to a new, savage level.”


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  1. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    We are already further in space than most realize.