Attention Fools.

This is your Captain speaking.

Captain Zoom, that is.

Though I am less than a year old, I can proudly say I have done absolutely no fucking work during any of that time.

Truly, I am the uberslacker.

But today that changes.

Today, I personally preside over the contest to determine who wins the final advance copy of THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT.

Beginners and casual readers:  I refer you to my litterbox.   This one’s for the fanatics only.   Email all answers to and I will judge you mercilessly.

Roll ‘em . . ..

#1:   Where does the fight between Sarmax and Carson take place?

#2:  Who wins?

#3:   What do people call Szilard behind his back?

#4:  What is the name of the Praetorian major who has custody of the Remoraz?

#5:  What drug are Spencer and Linehan dosed with in the final moments of MIRRORED HEAVENS?

Good luck.  I mean, may you gnash your teeth in a mouseless darkness forever.  Mwahahahahahahahahahhhahaahahahaa.. .

6 Responses to “MACHINERY OF LIGHT giveaway!”

  1. Al Billings Says:

    I would respond but I bet someone beat me to it like last time.

  2. Erik Says:

    ack.. my memory is just fuzzy enough on a couple of these that I probably just embarrassed myself with my entry.

  3. TimS Says:

    I hope that Captain Zoom doesn’t laugh too hard at my entry!

  4. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    Tough questions! Did Captain Zoom select those?

    And I finally got to see my cover art, David. It really rocks! Posted it today.

  5. David J. Williams » Blog Archive » A chance to win the ENTIRE TRILOGY (thanks to Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist) Says:

    […] of the ARC of MACHINERY OF LIGHT, for responding with the correct answers within the hour of the questions being […]

  6. giveaway Says:

    Wow dude, I never knew that, thanks.