WillyCon XII GoH debrief

Science fiction is alive and well in Nebraska, folks…..WillyCon XII rocked from start to finish. And next year the guest of honor is none other than Harry Turtledove, so I’m starting to feel like I’ve hit the big time at last. Highlights of the con include:photo

–the Trivia contest Friday night. (Yet neither team knew what the Ultimate Destination of the Necromongers was . . . . wtf???  C’mon guys!! )
–meeting Sarah Clemens, artist guest of honor, and creator of the dangerous cat/dragon combo Loki and Magnus
–doing the first reading from MIRRORED HEAVENS in a while  . . it was good to revisit that spaceplane scene, which I wrote in winter of early 2005 and am still enjoying the fuck out of half a decade later
–the writing workshop.  Leaving aside the irony of having *me* teach a writing workshop, it’s always cool to be able to pay it forward.  Some of those folks will break in if they stop for nothing in the meantime.
–getting a chance to talk to the students in the Wayne State College Science Fiction and Fantasy Club.  I went to a school ten times the size of WSC, with nowhere near as vibrant a SF presence.
–almost getting the chance to get a look at a mint copy of the now out-of-print D&D classic Lost Castle of Zagyg. . . almost!  But the owner was a little late back from Sioux Falls . . sigh . . .

Special thanks to Ron Vick, Sr., who’s guided the SF club at Wayne State for more than a decade now, and is very much the hub of the whole scene.  A truly fab weekend.

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  1. Ron Vick Says:

    For those of you reading Dave’s blog, and I know there are many, if you are involved in running a convention you have got to work Dave in as one of guests of honor – he is a great guest! Smart, very personable, a fantastic reader, and everyone at WillyCon enjoyed his company tremendously. He is frakkin’ awesome! On top of everything, he is actually reading my book and says he likes it…unless he’s just that saying that, but who the fuck cares? He sent me a blurb and it’s too late to back out now…it’s on my website! Seriously – he was a great choice for Author GoH and i highly recommend him…