Happy Birthday to ME

I’m 39 today.

People keep asking me how does it feel to be old?

The scarier question is how does it feel to be middle-aged?

Pretty good, actually.

Especially since right now I’m having coffee while watching Captain Zoom lick his ass with the carefree abandon of a creature who cares nothing for birthdays, and is, as Borges pointed out, effectively immortal, given that he knows fuck-all about death.

I told him, but he wouldn’t listen.  I said, “Captain Zoom, death will come and wrap you in its steely arms, hahahaahahahahaahahaha.”

He pondered this, and then continued to lick his ass.

15 Responses to “Happy Birthday to ME”

  1. Norbert Says:

    Happy Birthday. Let me use this opportunity to thank you on creating an absolutely stunning sci-fi/action/thriller story. Your books are so captivating and refreshingly different. Well, thanks!

  2. Jess Horsley Says:

    Didn’t realize today was your birthday! Happy Birthday Dave! Norbert (above) is spot on – your work is truly refreshing and I’m glad to have found your work. No doubt Captain Zoom cares not for the immaterial things in life such as birthdays…though licking his backside is something that can’t go undone or unnoticed.

  3. Zakharov Says:

    Happy birthday, friend!

  4. Al Billings Says:

    I approach this same date later in the year. The real question is whether we’ll make it to 40.

  5. Polter Says:

    Happy Birthday, and thank you for creating this unique and captivating series. When’s the end of the trilogy comin?

  6. Montie Says:

    Happy Birthday. For me, I am creeping up on 39. Ugh.


  7. David Williams Says:

    Thanks all! Finale of the trilogy, THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT, hits bookstands on May 25th. Watch this space, as I’m about to unveil a new look for the website, along with some teasers regarding Book three. . . stay tuned. . .

  8. John C Says:

    Happy Birthday David, hope u have a great evening.

  9. Polter Says:

    can we preorder like before?

    when’s that link comin?

  10. David Williams Says:

    Yup, you can preorder! — here’s the link:


  11. MikeCollins Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Dave!

    Loving Machinery of Light so far. Some crazy, crazy set peices!


  12. David J. Williams Says:

    MC – – trust me , it’s going to get even crazier. . . . : )

  13. MikeCollins Says:

    No shit. You have big, big balls. I wasn’t expecting any of the extra zaniness. You went and flipped a switch there you sneaky bastard.

    I love it!

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  15. What Was Done Says:

    Happy birthday!
    The age of 39 can be great:

    We are getting old only in our head.