The first ARCs of THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT have arrived. Each one containing the terrible final secret of Autumn Rain. No bullshit fake endings, no lame stealth set-ups for a fourth book . . this is it.

You want a copy, send me an email by Friday to and name at least two members of Autumn Rain.

UPDATE:  folks, we are fresh out –congratulations to the winners (Mike C. of NY, NY; Andrew K. of LA, and Justin K. of Houston, TX) and stay tuned for more offers for free stuff.  I hope to have more ARCs in soon. . .


13 Responses to “MACHINERY OF LIGHT giveaway!”

  1. Kameron Hurley Says:

    Ooohhhh lovin’ that cover!

  2. David Williams Says:

    thanks!!! : )

  3. Montie Adkins Says:

    My mail said this was too long, I replaced the AT with @. Is this right?

  4. TimS Says:

    The cover does look like it’ll fit right in with the first two on the shelf! :-D

    Am I eligible to enter from the UK?

  5. Steven Klotz Says:

    Congrats! I’m quite excited to see this in print.

  6. David J. Williams » Blog Archive » David Edelman’s GEOSYNCHRON Says:

    […] « MACHINERY OF LIGHT giveaway! […]

  7. David Williams Says:

    @ SK thanks!
    @ Tim S and Montie: absolutely, but I am out of my initial supply. . . stay tuned. . .

  8. Tim S Says:

    Thanks & no problem! I didn’t expect them to be around long :-)

    Amazon lists the release date as May, I can wait until then….honest!

  9. Jess Horsley Says:

    Hopefully you’ll have more soon so I can get one to review! And if you send along more stickers, I’ll continue to tag people outside my local booksellers w/o them knowing! AR for life!

  10. Joerg Grau Says:

    Will THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT be available to us Kindle users?

    I am already looking forward to whatever it is you are writing right now!

  11. David Williams Says:

    Joerg- it will indeed by available on Kindle! :

  12. Joerg Grau Says:

    Excellent. I just pre-ordered it.

    Now do you have your next project already in full swing?

  13. David J. Williams Says:

    I have several Secret Projects underway; watch this space for announcements!

    (And thanks for pre-ordering! )