Secret Autumn Rain websites revealed!

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, per my post in Jeff Vandermeer’s Booklife yesterday, which revealed the existence of sites like this one.  Tune in before they cart the whole thing off to Area 51 for further tests.

8 Responses to “Secret Autumn Rain websites revealed!”

  1. Justin Kugler Says:

    For what it’s worth, it was the viral marketing that got my attention. It popped up in my G-mail featured link bar and I just had to know why I was getting something about an attack on a space elevator. :)

  2. John C Says:

    I think it time to start having a discussion on how to possibly bring the message of this world to a larger mass of carbon life forms. Book three is coming down the pipe and I can’t wait.
    Long Live The Rain

  3. John C Says:

    Hello David: Do you have any good news to share?

  4. Cole Drewes Says:

    I think this was a great way to get your book out there to people. I know I’m trying to get my website out there to people even though it’s still in progress, and it’s hard. I’ve been using blogs, but what you did I know gives me, and probably other authors trying to come up new ideas about how to market our books. The fake websites look awesome. If you don’t mind me asking who did them for you?

  5. Jess Horsley Says:

    We posted a link to the GAN website from our Holiday Buyer’s Guide on, in which we included The Mirrored Heavens and The Burning Skies – two of my favorite books as of late. I can’t wait to see what Machinery has in store for the Rain!


  6. David J. Williams Says:

    @ John C: agreed.. . stay tuned. .

    @ Jess thanks!! Machinery will blow out your eardrums! : )

    @ Cole – – the art is by Randall MacDonald, who’s at, whereas the web design is the work of Three Steps Ahead: hope that helps!

  7. R. E. Nixon Says:

    You . . . have spent a great deal of time getting it right. No, I haven’t gone through most of the background data as I was . . . kind of attacked by some female on your site, so avoided it.

    But it is completely thought out with a view to what will happen if we act like idiots.

    I like technology, but don’t trust the military-industrial complex much.

    You’ve done a stunningly good job.

  8. B. Wade Says:

    This is the first time I have heard of AUTUMN RAIN. I look forward to reading more about it. Someone sent me this website.
    In a sense, I am also an AVATAR. I inhabited this human body when it was 11 years old. I was sent to Earth to study humans. What better way to study them than to BE one?
    I DIDN’T KNOW my situation until about 1991 or so, just before my husband died.
    The ETs I am connected to are VERY MUCH concerned about the petty fighting that occurs here on Earth. We are concerned that humans will take their wars into space, where it can disrupt all of us.
    I will bookmark your site and read more later.