Return to the UK

I’m flying to the UK tomorrow for my grandmother’s funeral.  This will be the first time I’ve been back in two and a half years.

My grandmother was born in 1916, same year that zeppelins rained bombs on London.  She hadn’t recognized anyone in a long while now; after my grandfather (to whom BURNING SKIES is dedicated) died in 2003, she endured a long decline, both physical and mental.  So her passing is closure of a kind.

I was fortunate, in that when I worked for these guys, I was sent across the pond at least three times a year, and always made sure to spend spare time up at my grandparents’ house in Hitchin.  And the flights were great, too:  six to eight hours of uninterrupted hacking away at Autumn Rain and their ilk.  I remember like it was yesterday the pissed-off guy in the seat in front of me asking me if I could stop typing so hard.  How could I explain to him that the words were burning so hot I couldn’t help it?  I wanted so badly to get the books published while my grandparents were still alive and cognizant.  But there are some things we don’t get to choose, and most of the ones that matter come down to timing.

4 Responses to “Return to the UK”

  1. Justin Kugler Says:

    My condolences. My adopted father died eight years ago this month and my grandparents were never the same afterward. I know what you mean about a kind of closure. Hope you have a safe trip with minimal headaches.

  2. Brian Says:

    My condolences to you and your family Dave. Safe travels. And as for the guy in the seat in front of you asking you to calm down on the keyboard, he’s damn lucky he didn’t find his way into the middle of a great battle in your book. You know the one I love.

  3. Evalinsapple Says:

    Beware of the green zones!! Hope you stay safe.

  4. Bob Neuman Says:

    Sorry about your grandmother’s passing. Have not seen the movie yet, but Frank has and liked it.