Per her announcement of yesterday, my agent Jenny Rappaport has closed up shop. She is the reason I made it into print—she took a chance on me when no one else would—and I owe her a very great deal.  I wish her all the best in her new endeavors; her departure is symptomatic of the extent to which this industry is under ever-mounting pressure.

As to what happens next, not sure.  I’m not actively seeking representation at this time, but hope to have a New Direction/Overall Strategy in place by . . well, why don’t we say next decade.  Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “Representin’”

  1. Gail Carriger Says:

    I am so sorry to hear it.

  2. Al Billings Says:

    Where does that leave you for pitching new novels and such?

  3. David Williams Says:

    High and dry until I land another agent.

    Though the larger question is precisely what do I want to pitch. Not sure. I’ve got some ideas, but MACHINERY OF LIGHT is still doing cartwheels in my head. . . .

  4. Al Billings Says:

    How about this one?