The new kittens!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the two new members of the Williams household, shown here while studying the habits of fake mice in bathtubs. photoThey are:

CAPTAIN ZOOM (aka “the White Lion”):  When Zoom purrs, it sounds like a lawnmower starting up.  And he is always purring:  possibly the most extroverted cat I’ve ever met.  This is good news, because his friend is a little shyer, and needs someone to set an example.

AJAX (aka “L’Orange”):   For the first few days, Ajax was convinced the entire thing was a trap, and that any moment now he and Zoom would be consumed with gusto.  However, discovering the pleasures of the Belly Rub made him forget any such theories, and now he rivals Zoom in his quest for attention.

THEIR MISSION:  should they choose to accept it . . .  to consume fish at prodigious rates, chase each other at 3 in the morning, and sleep all afternoon.  We’ll see if they can handle it.

11 Responses to “The new kittens!”

  1. meesh Says:

    what cute new friends….

  2. Melinda Says:

    Ooooh! Kittens!

  3. Jamais Cascio Says:


  4. Karen Wester Newton Says:

    Aww! They look like a great new addition to your family.

  5. Charlie Jane Anders Says:

    Awesome kittens! Welcome Captain Zoom and Ajax!!

  6. Stephanie Dray Says:

    My prediction is that when they get older, the Red Menace will be in charge of your household.

  7. Al Billings Says:

    Congratulations. I just got a new kitten this last weekend as well.

  8. edifanob Says:

    Nice ones! And you got two! Cats like company, especially when they are indoor cats.

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