Spacing out

Back from ComicCon, which ruled. I’ll have more detailed thoughts later, but in meantime, I forgot to link to an article I wrote for Bantam’s Suvudu last week re my thoughts on the fortieth anniversary of Apollo. So check it out. . .

UPDATE:  Discover Magazine has written up an account of proceedings!

(And if you want to see what happens when humanity finally DOES get back into space, all is revealed in BURNING SKIES!)

3 Responses to “Spacing out”

  1. meesh Says:

    the link for apollo goes to amazon…just saying…i can find the suvudu but…..


  2. John C Says:

    yep. link is bad, must be the Rain at work again.

    Support the Rain
    Down with the Throne.

  3. David Williams Says:

    whoops. . thanks for heads-up. trust nobody, the Rain could be anyone.