Back from northwest…

Wheels down and back in D.C.  Highlights of trip included:

—Dinner with writers David Levine and Kamila Miller prior to the reading at Powell’s. DL, thanks again for organizing it!

—Catching up in Portland with my old friend Paula Bednarek, who I went to high school with and who local D.C. writer Tom Doyle was at Stanford with.  Small world.

—Having lunch with UWashington professor Thomas Foster, author of SOULS OF CYBERFOLK.  A tremendous book, and one that I’ll be posting about separately shortly.

—Meeting some of this year’s Clarion West class.  Can’t believe it’s been two years since I walked down that road.

—Dinner with Neile Graham, Clarion administrator and first-rate writer/poet.

—Flying VirginAmerica. Those guys put all the other airlines to shame, not least because they have this really radical idea about being nice to their customers.

—Watching the UFC100 at a friend’s bachelor party Saturday night . . . and listening to what’s probably the most memorable victory speech I’ve ever heard.

Meanwhile, BURNING SKIES continues to be yours for the buying!

6 Responses to “Back from northwest…”

  1. Al Billings Says:

    How was the U Bookstore reading?

  2. David Williams Says:

    Went well . . . .Duane says hi btw!!

  3. Al Billings Says:

    Excellent. I miss Duane.

    I got your swag today. Now I must disperse it like fungal spores.

  4. David Williams Says:

    excellent. assimilate the world!

  5. John C Says:

    Well I’m done. I have finished the book and enjoyed it as much as the first one. Great ending, or should I say intermission. JM still rules in my book and so does The Rain. Sneaky bunch with plans within plans. Again the most fun in reading this book was the interaction wise cracking of the cast. Can’t wait to see CH kick some serious ass in the next book.

    David: A hint or two please, what up with your future regarding another book? Any research being done? Thanks and have a great weekend.

  6. David Williams Says:

    hey JC: stay tuned, as book three will wrap up all plot threads and reveal The Truth Behind It All!

    re future plans, I’m working on (non-Rain) screenplays as a break from novel-writing while simultaneously trying to pitch the Rain trilogy as a graphic novel or a videogame. I don’t rule out novels in the future, but whether they’d be science fiction, that’s less certain. Will keep you posted. . .