Cielos Reflejados

Via Magna is releasing the Mirrored Heavens in Spain! And check out the trippy cover—one of the best attempts I’ve seen so far at capturing the mindset of the book’s razors as they traverse the zone (aka cyberspace), and chow down on their various combat drugs. It’s also nice to see something that I don’t have to immediately start obsessing over, compulsively looking for potential errors and typos, because yanno, I don’t speak Spanish.  And hey, apparently you can buy the book herecielosreflejados-compl-lr

But I do seem to recall that “caelum” is sky in Latin.   Which led me to investigate . . . according to my handy Yahoo Spanish dictionary, “cielos” can be translated as either “sky” or “heaven.”  Anyone out there care to tell me which is the more standard usage?  BONUS QUESTION:  if the title of my second book is BURNING SKIES, would they just have to use the word “Cielos” again if that one also gets published in Spanish?  Uh-oh . . .

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9 Responses to “Cielos Reflejados”

  1. meesh Says:

    cielo is sky from my spanish training.
    there isn’t a spanish word for heaven so cielo is also used as heaven.
    so either people will read it as the mirrored sky or the mirrored heavens….

    but that’s just what i think and from what i know in my cerebro

  2. cYbErDaRk Says:

    You ‘re right meesh.

    “Burning Skies” could be transleted as “Quemando Cielos”, “Quemando los Cielos”, “Cielos Quemando”, “Cielos que Queman”, “Cielos Inflamables”… though my English is not quite good ;)


  3. John C Says:

    Spoke to my mom, Meesh is correct.

  4. Polter Says:

    Wow – who did the cover art? Can you get a bigger file of it?

  5. Maria Says:

    Cielos Reflejados is roughly translated “Reflected Heavens” Mirrored doesn’t really translate well, could have been translated like “Espejismos en los Cielos” but that’s more like “Mirages in Heaven” I don’t know if it’s really a good translation. In Spanish we used the same word for sky and heaven, Cielo. I agree with cYbErDaRk, burning skies would be translated as “Cielos Quemados” although “Cielos Inflamables” literally “Flammable Skies” sounds much cooler….

  6. Brian Says:

    @Polter, right click the art and open it in a new window. It’s pretty big.

  7. Dany Says:

    Well, I think I have a few words to say here ;)

    Cielos it’s the plural for heavens, but in its “celestial” form. The common word is

    You refer a few times to the “skies” during the novel as something more than light reflected and gases… That’s why (I think ;D ) they chose this form :)

    What about “Cielos Incinerados” ? That way, the title will follow a “Cielos” link between both novels, and the public will recognise it as a sequel…

  8. Polter Says:

    Thanks Brian!

    – hey David – that cover art rules – who did that for you?

  9. David J. Williams Says:

    @Polter: am not sure, will try and find out. It IS bad-ass, isn’t it?

    @Dany: am honored to have the book’s translator join us. : ) And yeah, it’s funny, I’d thought that having the same word in both titles would be a problem, but now that you put it that way, it would actually be pretty cool.