ComicCon trophy

Spartacus the Cat here! I’m back while Dave frantically works on the proofs for BURNING SKIES. He took a day out for ComicCon in NYC on Saturday, leaving at 7 in the morning and getting back well after midnight. I found this annoying, so I had a little “accident” on the rug. Harharharhar. Now he’s afraid to leave the house. 

Anyway, he did all sorts of things up there, like signing copies of MIRRORED HEAVENS and meeting cool people; I’m sure he’ll tell you all about it, but he also brought me back a new friend! I’d like you to meet Rex the Lion.  Rex is from, which is run by a guy who used to row alongside Dave back in the corporate slave galley.  I know Rex looks so realistic he’s probably fooled you into thinking he’s a real lion, but I have a very acute sense of smell so I know he isn’t.  But he’s still fun to have around.  We spent the morning talking about how to get down the fire escape and meet some of the female alley cats.  Meantime, I think I might have an accident on his head to show him who’s boss.

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2 Responses to “ComicCon trophy”

  1. Rick Warren Says:

    Sparatcus, anthropomorphism is a sin. Your conversations with Rex are actually conversations with the devil. And for you to presume to write a blog entry . . this is a blot on your mortal soul. Repent, or taste the flames.

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    […] for much of the rest of June. You do not want to know what my apartment looks like right now. Spartacus certainly […]