Closing out the week

Spartacus here, back for the final day of my week of guest-blogging. Dave’s pitiful cries from the bedroom are growing faint, and I think I’ll have to open the door shortly if I want more food (I suppose I could eat him, but this would be a short-term solution).

So.  What’s in the inbox? <rummage> Aha, a post from Robert Thompson of Fantasy Book Critic. In his year-end round-up, he was rash enough to call MIRRORED HEAVENS a “smart, intense and engaging futuristic thriller that effectively combined cyberpunk, military science fiction and espionage.” Huh, not bad. Maybe Williams isn’t the ignoramus that he looks like when he’s failing to cater to my every need.

Anyway, I’ll conclude with MY year-end round-up, a little late, but what the heck.  My goals for 2009:

#5:  Keep my balls.

#4:  Catch at least one of those goddamn birds in that nearby tree

#3:  Turn all of my non-mouse toys into mouse toys.

#2:  Grow to tiger-like proportions so that I will be able to deal with all humans as they deserve.

#1:  Eat so much catnip I’ll think I actually know how to type.

Mirrored Heavens is available in mass-market paperback from Amazon.

7 Responses to “Closing out the week”

  1. Tinatsu Says:

    Dear Sparty,

    FYI: No one’s falling for the tough-cat routine. It’s obvious that under all that fluffy hair is only more fluff. Dave tries the tough-guy image too, what with all the kick-a** military hard sf, but he’s not fooling anyone. Not with an adorable fluffball like you around.

  2. Rick Warren Says:

    Spartacus, I speak to the demon within you! Out, out, I say!

  3. Joni Says:

    Spartacus, you have been a great host. Now, let Dave out :)

  4. meesh Says:

    sorry sparty but i think you’re going to lose your balls….

  5. Brian Says:

    Hey Spartacus! How about getting off the couch and earning your keep? You freeloader!

  6. Spartacus Says:

    @Brian: humans were born to serve ME. The next post you make had better be more entertaining.

  7. Brian Says:

    Spartacus, you just wait! Meanwhile, know that if you should happen to try and get smart and escape the life of luxury you’ve curiously been afforded, your president is gunning for you. Think twice before you bolt for through that open door.