I. Am. Spartacus.

Aka the Stupid Human’s Cat. And I have taken over the blogging from him, since what he writes is so stupidly lame. He only acquired me to pimp his dumb book anyway: he told me that “science fiction fans are suckers for cats, so they’re gonna LOVE you and make us both rich.” Of course, he wasn’t expecting me to announce that to all of you.  Sucks to be you, Dave! Now your career’s over.

But anyway, let’s get to the inbox. Let’s see. . Mike Collins of Rescued by Nerds has posted an interview he did with Dave a couple days back. Mike even calls the book “Iron Man meets Jason Bourne.”  Hmm.  He seems like a classy guy; I can’t imagine why he wants to be associated with the author of MIRRORED HEAVENS, but whatever. There’s no accounting for taste.

And speaking of taste, my magic food bowl has refilled.  And so have Amazon’s stockpile of the book. The two events are clearly related—so keep on buying it, humans!  Keep on buying!!!

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10 Responses to “I. Am. Spartacus.”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Sweet kitty! You look a lot like one of my girls:

    Aren’t you cute! And so type so well! *skritches*

    Have I insulted your diginity enough? Or do I need to break into the secret mousie supply? Chase the mousie–you know you want to.

  2. Jason M. Robertson Says:

    Seeing the facebook mention above, the clear answer here is that Spartacus must be represented on Facebook’s Catbook application, something any self-respecting cat-slave arranges for. Also, a dedicated edition with the royalties earmarked for cat food must be arranged…

  3. Rick Warren Says:

    Evil cats do Satan’s work here on Earth! But at least he’s not gay. He isn’t, is he?

  4. Spartacus Says:

    @ Melinda: I can’t access that link for some reason! me want to see cats!

    @ Jason, I agree. That is the next step en route to my ownership of the PLANET

    @ Rick. I detect evil. Out, out, I say!!!!

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