Inaugural highlights

-Watching Bush’s helicopter take off. My friend and I ran to my apartment roof as the chopper lifted off the ground, and sure enough, there it was buzzing along the skyline. She snapped the attached picture.

-Seeing Cheney in that #$# wheelchair.

-Hearing endless analysis about that flubbed oath.

-Listening to Rick Warren for the first time and having my (admittedly not incredibly refined) Gaydar totally set off.  Is this why he’s so #$# homophobic?

-Listening to Obama’s speech. It felt like it was probably shopped around too many editors to really strike home with any chisel-it-in-marble-prose, but it wasn’t just the bunch of platitudes that most inaugural addresses are, and was easily good enough to encompass the national dilemma(s) and point the way forward. Best line was probably the bit about “we reject as false that we have to choose between our ideals and our safety.”

-Listening to the last words of the Benediction.  Fuck, did Lowery OWN that podium.

-Watching the parade. Speaking on CNN, David Gergen said he breathed a sigh of relief when Obama stepped back inside the mega-limo after walking part of the way down Pennsylvania Avenue.  So did I.

7 Responses to “Inaugural highlights”

  1. meesh Says:

    today henry said that president bush was old and that’s why he had to go in a helicopter.

  2. Melinda Says:

    Fuck, did Lowery OWN that podium.

    If all Christians were like that man, I would not agree so whole-heartedly with your first statement: …monotheism is the worst thing to ever happen to this planet.

    I respect that President Obama, in the interests of unity and peace, included a gay Bishop and an anti-gay pastor. He gave those two men a chance to meet face-to-face. The representation of so many kinds of faith in this country, even those whose views I find repugnant, is a hallmark of why I am so excited about this presidency.

    And Rick Warren is totally gay.

  3. paulB Says:

    you guys are lucky, we’re stuck with brown…..and no other options

  4. Rick Warren Says:

    Hey! I’m not a homo. Just because I can feel the stir in my loins at the sight of a fine young man’s ass walking down the steps of my church doesn’t make me gay. My best friend is a woman. And all the men I’ve ever loved were straight, too.

  5. Quietus Says:

    Rick Warren’s the worst example of monotheism? He’s not even the worst example of American middle-class WASP Evangelicalism. It would be better to forge an alliance with the economical liberal, environmentally-friendly, geopolitically tepid ( slice of the evangelical movement than the corporatist neocon America-firsters any day. For all his work with Prop 8, the charity work in Africa of Saddleback Church cannot be denied.

  6. Quietus Says:

    Also to be honest if Hindus, Shintoists, and followers of the Aztec and Norse pantheons ran the planet things would be pretty terrible as well.

    Or if objectivists, Marxists, and Cult of Reason types.

  7. David Williams Says:

    @Quietus: actually I’m not inclined to disagree with you–I quite admire Rick Warren for doing the invocation.