I’m signing off for a few days; any hammering or chainsawing you might hear in the meantime is the roadies putting together a new stage/set.  The curtain goes up after New Year, so stay tuned. I might resurface early in the event that India starts letting Pakistan have it, but hopefully they’ll be sporting enough to wait for 2009.

And oh yeah, happy #$# holidays. . .

One Response to “Drydock”

  1. Ernesto Kellum Says:

    Actually I was looking to post on Riddick and Mr. Twoohy. After my near nightly veiwing last night. I realized that it is past the time for the prequel. I wanted to curse and goad the director into action. Then I read your blog. I can’t imagine hollywood shirking this concept. Riddick is by far the best ever w/ tons of potential. AND YES I also mastered Butcher Bay (the game).Though this may not be the appropriate page, I am hoping for a response. I want to be in the loop on this one. Can I help w/ your blog, seriously. ernesto.troy@yahoo.com

    CHRONICLES IS MY FAVORITE GROUP/ CONCEPT FOR A MOVIE HANDS DOWN!! I never considered myself a sci-fi geek, but the way I chase good SCI-FI I guess I am one, well, I am proud of it too!! After sitting through and waiting for countless flix, Riddick quenched my parched pallet. I have watched each in the trilogy enough to go verse for verse w/ Vin any day of the week As well as his co-stars. I am hoping to stay informed and glad that you created this forum. I needed to get this out. Remember, “YOU KEEP WHAT YOU KILL” ……