Secret agent woman

Most of what I post about agents on this site involves the sort found in my book: folks who are busy blowing up shit, or getting their memories wiped, or fighting their way out of maglev trains racing beneath the Atlantic. But there’s a whole different kind of agent out there, the kind that made THE MIRRORED HEAVENS possible in the first place. I’m talking, of course, about literary agents, none of whom are dearer to my heart than Jenny R. Rappaport, who took a chance on my manuscript when I was an unpublished newbie, and managed to turn what had been mere dreams and ambition into a three-book deal with Bantam.

So it gives me a lot of pleasure to tell you that Jenny has now hung out her own shingle, founding The Rappaport Agency after several years of working with industry vet Lori Perkins.  The split is entirely amicable; Lori is increasingly focused on erotica and chicklit, whereas Jenny intends to continue concentrating on SF/fantasy.  Check out her own blog for details.  You can also learn more about Zoe the Wondercat there, but I’ll let Jenny bring you up to speed on that. . . .

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