Lieberman stays?!?

Obama is taking an enormous gamble in leaving Lieberman in charge of the Homeland Security Committee. All the arguments for doing so—new tone in Washington, increasing the chances of passing key legislation, another seat in the Senate, etc.—all of it pales before the fact that should another 9-11 occur on the new president’s watch, Lieberman will be the one in charge of the ensuing investigation. The Senator gave Bush a free pass these last couple of years, but I somehow doubt that the man he insinuated is a Marxist on the campaign trail would get anything approaching the same treatment. Lieberman’s whole MO is to use his centrist position for maximum political/media exposure; Obama had better hope that his decision to prioritize his domestic legislation above all else doesn’t ultimately hand Lieberman yet another opportunity to seize the limelight.

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One Response to “Lieberman stays?!?”

  1. Brian Says:

    I feel like a broken record, but even if there were another 9/11 there’d still be no “investigation” of anything meaningful. There’s no payoff in doing so. Lieberman lost his way and as the party of pussies we’re obligated to open the gate and let his ass back into the barn.

    All this Marxist/Socialist/Black/Elitist/Educated/Honkey-in-Disguise bullshit was an attempt to score a desperately needed run in a game that was clearly turning to shit for the Republicans. I’m sure they are embarrassed by it, but they really had no choice and always knew it’d go away in a few months anyway. No harm, no foul. It’ll be right back to good ol’ do nothing politics soon enough.

    The real question is what Obama has in the way of real plans. I hear nothing but continued rhetoric and cutesy bullshit coming out of this guy.

    I’m reminded of Nixon’s secret plan to get out of Vietnam. Time to step up and serve the country Barack. If you have ideas that are so great and so likely to reverse the skid, why wait? Is Bush getting credit for initiating something you thought of that much of a risk?

    And while I’m at it, enough with the whole “my black wife tells me I’m insufficient and I take out the trash” crap. I’d rather see Bush cutting brush and sneaking and beer while he thinks nobody’s looking. It’s more American President than this pussy-whipped routine he’s got going on.