The path(s) forward for Obama

Ok, I lied. . . election coverage continues. . . North Carolina has been called for Obama. . .will someone pull me away from this #$# computer????

There seem to be three major precedent-models for Obama.

Model #1: FDR, 1932. Obama engineers a second New Deal while building a new progressive majority.

Model #2: Carter, 1976. Obama gets blamed for everything, and becomes a one-term president.

Model #3: Clinton, 1992. Obama hangs on to power while falling well short of his initial promise.

#1 is eminently possible, if he runs the government as well as he ran his campaign.  Seldom have both expectations and challenges been so high for an incoming president.


2 Responses to “The path(s) forward for Obama”

  1. Zack Says:

    I’m really hoping that he goes with the first model. But focused on improving our existing infrastructure (the electrical grid, bridges, and roads) while developing and expending a nation wide system of light and fast rail. If Mr. Obama can run his government like he ran his campaign I do think its possible, even given the current economic woes.

  2. David Williams Says:

    Z- – I agree. I think he’s intellectually/emotionally prepared for this. The really scary thing is that the challenges facing us are so enormous that “merely” dealing with them effectively will require him to be one of our greatest presidents ever.