Going nuclear

If you think it’s been a vicious campaign so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet. As Al Giordano points out, the McCain campaign’s decision to go all-out to win Pennsylvania (where they’re now facing a double-digit deficit) only makes sense if they’re going to play the race card like it’s never been played before, bombarding western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and the “non-communist” portions of Virginia with the only message that seems to have worked so far: fear of Obama as as a socialist n—– amidst an appeal to “real Americans.” And the Reverend Wright will almost certainly be front and center in this effort, damning the United States on every TV across the Appalachians.

Desperate?  Of course.  If it works, it would be as epic a comeback as it is ugly.  But there’s a disquieting logic to the electoral math, because most of the scenarios in which McCain wins Pennsylvania also involve McCain winning the election.  (Keep in mind that Obama’s leads in Ohio and Florida are precarious at best.)  Besides, a disputed election (or one contaminated by vote fraud) will draw a lot of angry people to the street; take a look at this video of McCain-Palin acolytes screaming and jeering at early (mostly Democratic) voters in North Carolina, and tell me they’re not willing to do whatever it takes to keep their country safe from those who would take it from them.  Anyone who thinks the right is whipping its supporters into a hate-frenzy just to get their votes is missing something pretty fundamental.

3 Responses to “Going nuclear”

  1. xxnapoleonsolo Says:

    Obama needs to use some of those dollars he has been raising and blanket the airwaves for the next two weeks, as well as meeting the Republicans head on.

    Get people to focus on the issues – its about a successful America, not win election at all costs. People have been listening to that so far and if he out appears the Repub hate machine, they will continue to do so.

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