Previews worth the view

Ok, I cracked. And went and saw Dark Knight AGAIN yesterday. I’ve never seen the Uptown so crowded on a Tuesday night. They sold out about ten minutes before the film started, and it was a complete and utter mob scene.

But this time I paid more attention to the previews, and the two that really moved the dial for me were:

Terminator 4: this looked nuts. We don’t see that much, but we see enough.

The Day the Earth Stood Still: I know a lot of people are banging their heads against the wall that they’re remaking this classic (and that Keanu’s in it), but I liked what I saw (and I dig the music). Done right, it could rule. Done wrong, it could be a turkey on such a colossal scale that we’ll be able to kick it around for years. Either way, we win.

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7 Responses to “Previews worth the view”

  1. stacy Says:

    Hmm, the preview that grabbed me most was The Watchmen – In an era of Superhero movies with plots and characters that are essentially uniformly archetypal, this is a story that will stand out. But yes, I’m with you on the other two as well. Christian Bale as John Connor? Badass.

  2. David Williams Says:

    (sound of Dave’s credibility evaporating) Aargh! Not sure how I left that one out. Yeah, that trailer ruled, without even needing a line of dialogue. And I agree, I think it will shake up the genre in a much-needed way.

  3. David Louis Edelman Says:

    You know that supposedly Keanu doesn’t even say “Klaatu baratu nikto” in the remake? Doesn’t bode well…

    And for some reason, everyone seems to have seen a “Watchmen” preview before “The Dark Knight” except me.

  4. me Says:

    how can he NOT say that in the movie?

    good lord. what is happening in hollywood. blech!

    that movie is one of my favorites ever…..dammit jim

  5. meesh Says:

    can i just add… writers/directors/producers (sorry david) have any new freaking ideas in movie land? if they are going to remake a movie then they should stick as close as possible to the original screenplay…..isn’t that what a remake is? i realize too that another screen writer wants to add their own spin to what was already made. so…it’s a two way street but reeves not saying klaatu…….wtf?

    movies are our generations myths. we go to the movies all the time, we immerse ourselves in the story, as we do when we’re reading a good book…..or maybe that’s just me.

    the day the earth stood still has a really special place in my soul. let’s just say that my father made me watch it when i was 13 and i thought it was going to be soooo booooring.

    but it wasn’t and we watched it several more times.

    i don’t mind the remake so long as more people will try watching the first version first before going to the one coming out now…..or maybe the theaters should run them both at the same time. i would love to see the old one on the big screen.

  6. David Williams Says:

    I would worry that the deadpan way in which Keanu would say those words would have induced uncontrollable laughter in viewers.

  7. Wired Says:

    I fear “The Day the Earth Stood Still” will be some greatly visualized, cringeworthy eco- alarmist piece in line with “The Happening”: great cinematography, but lousy story. If I turn out to be wrong, all the better for moviegoers worldwide.